Sophisticated cocktailcraft on the go : Because gusto knows no place

In from the start

In the best cases, brands have character. They have a face, a heart and inherent values. Our mission is to visually depict these characters so that their values become visible at first glance. But what if all this is not yet defined?

Then it becomes a matter of the heart for us. So we were privileged to help the founders of LABⒶR, the Hanseatic crafted bottled cocktail company, to find and develop their unique brand mission, visualization and tonality. The joy of experimentation of the two founders was omnipresent. One part lab, one part bar - LABⒶR was born.

Conventions are made to be broken

Moscow and Vienna. Russian vodka and Austrian wine. Rebellion that peaks in pure joy. Just like their drinks, the biographies of the LABⒶR founders are as different as they are distinctive in their combination. They give the handcrafted cocktails their soul. This soul, as well as the explosive laboratory character of the brand, was to be captured in the packaging.

The anarchic-looking logo symbolizes the break with bar conventions, while the wax-sealed, almost pharmaceutical-looking glass bottle gives a glimpse of the exquisite inner workings.

Enjoy everywhere

It's not the product or the brand that you remember, but the experiences you share with it. With LABⒶR in particular, it was important for us to integrate the roaming, restlessly curious trait into the brand communication. Bottled cocktails mean freedom of movement, detached from bars.

They are uncompromising in their moment of pleasure, which becomes possible everywhere. The website we designed, as well as the Instagram presence, convey exactly that: an ongoing, shared pleasure journey through the world of cocktails.