The best the South of France has to offer

Simplicity rhymes and timelessness

Founded in 1982, Le Petit Marseillais has defined itself in terms of its flagship product made using real know-how: Marseille soap. A simple, authentic, and natural product which has inspired a powerful brand that is widely established in the area of cosmetics.

A certain idea of South of France

Le Petit Marseillais: it’s the best that France’s southern Mediterranean region has to offer. A brand that sounds la joie de vivre. The magnified, sun-drenched ingredients are showcased: natural, authentic elements for cleansing products, technical expertise for hair products, colour and gentleness for children’s lines, and earthier, headier notes for the Men’s offer.


Let's stay natural

To unify all the ranges without losing the brand’s authentic roots, we developed a brand universe that is also capable of incorporating new products as they come. The brand’s roots are revisited and adapted to reflect a contemporary spirit in order to reach out to today’s consumer expectations. That way, Le Petit Marseillais keeps on being part of our daily life with nature centric innovations.

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