Combined forces

On July 1st 2020, the two businesses of Metso and Outotec began business as one global organisation, Metso Outotec. The new business has over 15,000 employees and a presence in over 50 countries, with a combined 150 years of experience in mining, metals, aggregates and recycling industries. These big industry names coming together represented a bigger, more end-to-end solutions and services provider, working with its customers to be evermore sustainable in processing natural resources.



Putting positive change at the heart of the business

Before the merger, Metso and Outotec both had strong reputations and brands

in their respective fields, but bringing the two together into one business represents one leading brand with a more end-to-end offer to customers; from technologies to solutions and services for aggregates production, mining, metals refining, and recycling. The most powerful benefit for Metso Outotec’s customers is in improving efficiency and productivity whilst reducing environmental and economic risks. It means higher safety and energy efficiency and less waste from the processing of natural resources. As a result, the business positions itself as the ‘Partner for positive change’.


We were commissioned to develop the new brand’s identity, to be launched on the first day of business. The brand identity is driven by the core idea of ‘Partner for positive change’, representing the breadth of the offer: a brand that balances a focus on the bigger picture change that customers and the planet need, with the grounding in the technical expertise and people to deliver it. The identity has the brightness and boldness befitting of a forward-driving leader and innovator, and the solidity and structure that is true to the combined business’ strength in

experience within their industry.

Visual identity

The logo was designed to create visual harmony between the names and a sense of parity of the two respective businesses, aided by the ‘partnership bolts’ between the two words. The wordmark is simple, modern and strong in its black and white form.


The imagery mirrors the Metso Outotec world – from the bigger picture impact they create, to the details of the raw materials and high-spec engineering. The people-driven service and expertise at the heart of the business is an important and humanising element throughout.


The partnership bolts are a core part of the identity, holding everything together, as the basis for the graphic style and grid. In the wordmark they show the equal partnership between the two names and represent the extremes of the full spectrum of expertise within the business.


They provide a simple graphic language that is distinct, flexible and always ties back to the core idea Partners for Positive Change.


The core brand anchor colour is a counterpoint to the extremes of black and white and is an amalgam of the two previous brands’ hero colours, with the wider colour palette adding warmth and the use of gradients providing flexibility and a representation of the breadth of the offering.


The headline font, GT Eesti Pro Text, is a mix of sharp and soft forms, demonstrating our sharp thinking and precision engineering whilst also having softer forms to show the more human, service side of the brand.