the future is agricultural. let's cultivate it!

What if we helped farmers to finance the projects of tomorrow? This is the idea of the participative financing platform MiiMOSA, which we accompanied on the strategic positioning and the redesign of their visual identity.

Starting from the will to get out of the profitability/commitment dichotomy, we defined with both hands a proprietary discourse which emancipates itself from the clichés, in order to reach a wider target. This new positioning asserts the values of MiiMOSA by placing agriculture as the key to solve the challenges of the century.

a singular and enthusiastic identity

The new identity of MiiMOSA translates the will to gather the contributors and the project leaders around a federating sign.
The latter is accompanied by a color palette rooted in nature and the earth; typographic choices evocative of reliability and empathy; as well as a sincere and optimistic illustrative and iconographic style.