Halfway between
music and media


From French Tech star to media

DJiT, 9th worldwide app editor and music product maker (including e-djing and Mixfader) had to move forward to keep up to its ambition. More than a music app editor, DJiT wants to become a media reference for digital music.

With its new name MWM – Music World Media – the brand reached a new milestone. It has to clarify its offer to emerge as a major media actor in its sector.

Connecting music & data

MWM aims to become the reference in digital music. Thus, the brand adopts an expressive identity which is consistent with its distinct audiences (B2B and B2C).

With this new name-image, we created a brand where heart beats meet the sinusoidal wave of music. A brand where Music, World and Media synchronize perfectly.

We designed a unique font to boost the MWM experience as an emotional amplifier.

One brand,
two tempos!

MWM can be statutory to address its corporate audience or emotional and artistic to appeal to the wider customer base.

MWM asserts its authority as a trusted brand due to a refined expression. Its monochrome and graphic universe enable the brand to address confidently its B2B audience.
MWM is also an exciting brand with a colorful and vibrant universe to engage its B2C audience. It’s also an entertainment brand, that can be twisted to fit each individual musical sensibility.

Our new brand identity perfectly embodies our ambition: to become the first French unicorn in Music. Jean-Baptiste Hironde CEO at MWM