Pan tadeusz


It’s important to find the right moment in the brand’s lifecycle to do a significant makeover.

This is especially important if you want your product to remain the brand of choice for celebrations such as weddings, baptisms and other anniversaries.

Your product needs to be stylish like the groom’s suit; it must be festive, elegant and appropriate to the occasion.   

Pan Tadeusz vodka has always been a cherished brand, especially on occasions where the whole family would come together. The brand name refers to the nation’s most famous epic poem, but that’s history.


And at a wedding, people tend to think about the future. And so the time has come to change the design – so that ‘Pan Tadeusz’ can still adorn the table on any special moment and remain a symbol of Polish hospitality.

strategy & shape

The project involved reimagining the shape of the bottle and designing a new label. The stocky, squat bottle featured up until that time no longer seemed stylish.  For comparison, even the male silhouette is now more slender. A longer and slimmer bottle was deemed more functional by the designers – it is easier to hold in the hand and it is easier to pour from.


The premium character is enhanced by clearly visible embossing, which includes the names of characters from the poem by Adam Mickiewicz as well as other popular Polish names.


The new design anticipates a new platform for personalization of the bottle label in a category where this treatment is still quite rare. It will allow consumers to order a product dedicated to specific people to create a setting for the most important occasions in their lives. 


The typography of the new logo is characterized by minimalism, as opposed to previous, more ornate styling pointing to the brand’s historical context. The new color of the logo – a shade of blue combined with pale gold – is elegant and fit for the ceremonial table.


The crowning detail on the bottle is the phrase “Symbol of Hospitality”, which contributes to the coherence of the design.  It reflects the spirit of the brand and its message.  It is an enticing call to celebrate those special moments together.