Paris Trocadero Business Center

Towards a creative and Parisian business experience

Business, elegance and creativity

In 2016, Union Investment acquired an office building next to place du Trocadéro in Paris and entrusted us with its complete renovation (designer and general contractor).

Our mission was to transform this rather old-fashioned ensemble into a real business centre, worthy of the best Parisian tertiary ensembles: a haven of refinement, offering an elegant, inspiring and creative business experience.

In this very promising neighborhood, everything needs to be rethought!

Our design teams redesigned each space to offer a unique experience: reception hall, concierge, foyer, auditorium, meeting rooms, creative room, dining spaces, patio…

The furniture was created to illustrate refinement in the same way as the signage.
The water wall installed in the patio reflects this experience.

Paris in the heart of the concept

The business center is located in the heart of Paris and is named after an emblematic monument of the capital.

The color range, as well as the choice of typography are thus inspired by Paris.

In the same spirit, the living rooms bear the names of great men who made the capital, and put on photographs of their creations.

Paris Trocadero Business Center
Paris Trocadero Business Center

A quick upgrade

We led the mission as a general contractor, from conception to delivery.

The change of destination to ERP required administrative procedures.
The work was organized by phase, in a busy environment.
Since its delivery, the Trocadéro business center offers its tenants a Parisian experience at best standards level, and square meters have been revalued!