Rodowita z Roztocza

Wild by nature

A hidden treasure revealed

Nature hides its treasures deep underground. Nativiana Roztocze found such a treasure – in the buffer zone of the Roztoczańki National Park. There they discovered a new source of natural mineral water, a bona fide underground sea in the heart of the most clean and unpolluted part of Poland. The water is crystal-clear as it is surrounded by pristine wilderness.
Nativiana Roztocze tasked us with the mission of creating a brand that would stand out on a fairly crowded shelf, providing a new and refreshing take on the bottled water category. It needed to be eye-catching from the start, but also in line with trends relevant and appealing to the Polish consumer.

A wild source

What is the most important for a brand of natural mineral water? The source. That is what makes the water special and unique. Ours waited a long time to be discovered – for centuries remained hidden, surrounded by untouched wilderness.
In today’s modern world, there are few places that are still really clean and pure. But sometimes, tired of the hectic pace, urban humdrum and smog, we long to escape into the wild, a source of health and vitality. Nativiana’s spring is the embodiment of such dreams – the thirst for water from a pure and pristine source, rich in valuable natural minerals.

The she-wolf

In all good stories, there is a place, an adventure, and a reward. There are also guardians and heroes. The guardian in our story is a she-wolf. Wild and powerful, yet noble and caring, this mighty animal became our symbol, as it protects the spring and represents vitality and strength. It is the only animal symbol on the shelf of mineral waters and we believe that it contributes to the character of the brand and plays to the emotions of consumers at the shelf.

Transporting to the wild

In addition to creating the brand concept, name and visual identity, we designed the brand world, which aids in creating the right atmosphere in the store and in building relationships with distributors. To bring the brand to life, we were asked to help with choosing a communication platform. The resulting advertising concept implements the brand’s positioning strategy, virtually transporting potential customers to the heart of Roztocze, where you only need to stop for a moment to hear the call of the wild.