Making diamonds
a girl's best friend

The Jewel of Hair Care

Eudora is a brand of Grupo Boticário, one of the largest beauty companies in the world. The popular Eudora hair care line, Siàge, decided to launch a premium range… Nutri Diamond was born. The line boasts cutting-edge, high-performance active ingredients for hair nutrition, strength and shine. Offering everything from shampoos to hair masks, all products are formulated with real diamond particles. We were invited to envision a dazzling new visual identity for the release.

Polishing up
a shiny
new look

Our challenge was to create sophisticated yet remarkable branding that illuminates the unique selling point of the Siàge Nutri Diamond line: the power of diamond particles.
Our aim was to highlight the product line on crowded shelves at its main points of sale like large pharmacy chains by fashioning glossy packaging worth diamonds!


Our concept was based on the diamond’s power – its strength, purity and power of seduction. The gleaming new packs radiate metallic brilliance. Our design spotlights the elegance of black and silver with a gentle gradient while transparencies allow the diamond particles of the formula to shine through. To draw attention to the nutrients within, a holographic diamonds print was applied on the back and projected on the front panel through the product, creating a seductive effect. All to mimic the sleek results achieved by hair treated with Siàge Nutri Diamond.