Smithworks is a Pernod Ricard brand that pays homage to the traditional values of America's heartland. The brand portfolio primarly focused on spirit with Smithworks American Made Vodka and now encompasses innovations like RTD drinks Hard Seltzer Lemonade.

Smithworks celebrates local pride and has gained momentum with a distribution to now 25 states and is expanding. The brand has differentiated itself within an incredibly saturated market thanks to a long term partnership with Blake Shelton and a strong storytelling built around tradition, local pride, American Made and craft.

From the heart land

The Smithworks Vodka identity was utilized with minimal changes in order to create a strong link to the masterbrand and its “made in America” roots.

Embodying the same spirit consumers have come to love from the 100% American Made Vodka brand, Hard Seltzer Lemonade strategically expands the portfolio by leveraging established brand equity and successfully bringing Americana into the seltzer category.  


Inspired by the likes of Hatch Show Print and the Americana aesthetic, a letter press style of mix and match typography was used to infuse a classic, hand-crafted look and feel.


Also inspired by Americana and printmaking, the flavor icons were built to feel like a large graphic block print. They are simple and bold to create a unique language for seltzer while still speaking to the masterbrand hand crafted aesthetic.