A talent brand is born

Talenses is an executive recruitment company already born as a benchmark because of the solid experience of its founders. The focus is on Middle, Senior & Top Management professionals search in an innovative, agile and assertive way.
Dragon Rouge has been selected to develop the brand positioning and strategy, and also create its name, logo, and visual identity.

The name Talenses was born joining the words Talent, Lenses and Senses – a combination that reflects the essence of this brand.
The positioning “People that matter” – translates sensitivity and careful look into the search for professionals who matter, that fit for different organizations and challenges, for people who care about people.
The logo and its identity were built to emphasize the name of the company and the people with whom the brand interacts. The modern green color was chosen to create a differential over the competitors.
The Talenses launch envolved its modern website site and press and online ads in Exame magazine. It was a huge success, exceeding all shareholders’ expectations.