Tout le monde contre le cancer

Making children's eyes sparkle

The charitable organisation Tout Le Monde contre le Cancer aims to improve the daily life of cancer patients and their families. Since 2005, TLMC swings into action, completing 1000 events per year in 170 hospitals, with its philosophy, “As long as there is joy, there is life!” We’ve committed to partnering with this great charity in its inspiring mission through our design.

Unwind in a bubble of well-being

We supported TLMC with “L’Échappée rose,” a mobile beauty salon designed to offer relaxation and a little escape from the hospital environment for caring mums.

We proposed the name, meaning “The Pink Escape”, which evokes the idea of a short trip through which one can let go of stress. We further encapsulated the theme of the event by developing the identity – a sweet and light logo capturing the “bubble of well-being” that TLMC seeks to create.

Spreading Christmas cheer

During the holiday season, TLMC ensures patients and families have a festive time by hosting “100 Christmases in 100 Hospitals,” featuring entertainment, dancing, music, seasonal decorations, snacks and even gifts.
For this meaningful operation, we designed a graphic identity filled with symbols: utilising the brand’s signature shade of pink and the shape of a Christmas tree. A crowning star, snowy ground, and floating snowflakes…… A wonderland of winter symbols to warm the patients’ hearts!

A stopover of dreams

But it’s not Christmas every day… The little patients also need some comforting in summer. TTLC organises revitalising week-long escapes for them to a castle in the south of France where they can spend time with their families, self-care, dream, laugh, and have fun, far away from the hospital setting.

What could be better than an enchanting Disney-like realm to make valiant little knights and brave princesses dream? A dreamlike atmosphere with a twirling outline of a castle and TTLC’s iconic pink colour.