Trait Bio

Giving character to the brand

Relaunching an organic brand in supermarkets is not so simple among all the big players already present.

Finding a real personality, a unique graphic universe that touches consumers in search of authenticity (without militancy), such was the mission entrusted to Dragon Rouge.

Trait Bio
Trait Bio

Positively organic

To reflect the commitment of the men and women in the Trait Bio dairy industry, we have created a brand identity that is lively and human, simple and true.
The milk jar is played with as a nod to the farms of yesteryear.

Happiness is in the milk

The logo is transformed into a label that is simply placed to sign its products. Cheeses, yoghurts and desserts express themselves with generosity and greed.
A joyful nature with a springtime spirit reigns peacefully over the world of Trait Bio. It is this truth and spontaneity that make TRAIT BIO an accessible and friendly brand, committed to a human and positive organic approach.

Trait Bio
Trait Bio

Nature and premium innos

And it is not because we defend an authentic vision of the dairy industry that we cannot innovate and, moreover, create premium products!
Trait Bio is launching a range of yoghurts with ultra-delicate floral waters derived from plant distillation processes. A concentrate of subtle, multi-sensory pleasures that transforms yoghurt into a truly original experience!