Um Bongo

Rekindling the magic
of storytelling

At the root of the story

Once upon a time, there was Um Bongo, the most childlike brand of Sumol+Compal, which was relaunched with healthier recipes, a reviewed positioning and an updated 360° design.

As design partner of Sumol+Compal, the Portuguese leader of non-alcoholic beverages, for more than a decade, we had already successfully developed their brands Compal as well as Frize and B!. Eager to continue collaborating, we gladly accepted this challenge.

During this adventure, we worked tirelessly yet joyfully to express the new product reality (no added sugar, no colorants and no preservatives) and the new brand positioning: growing up while playing.

Um Bongo
Um Bongo

A new chapter...

Our main objective was to create an all-encompassing story that could relate to both parents and children. We invented a completely new story featuring animals that everyone knows and loves as well as some exciting new characters from our imagination.

For the children, we dreamed up a stimulating and extraordinary world full of adventures and challenges, a world where team spirit is the key to success.

The storyteller

For the parents, an original character became the mascot to champion nutrition and act as a guardian of product quality… Maestro the monkey was born!


A universal tale

Welcome to Um Bongo’s new world!

We had the fantastic opportunity to recreate the product image, the packaging and the brand universe.

We brainstormed and sketched all the animals – giving each a name, personality and outfit as well as strengths and weaknesses. In this way, children around the world can identify with the fun characters. Like in all stories for kids, there are villains. We also created the “nasties” (a gang of bad sugars) with the aim of educating children on how sugar is the new fat.