Giving life to progress

Show its engagement

With more than 118,000 employees and three sectors of activity (construction industry, telecommunication and media), the Bouygues group aims to enhance the daily lives of individuals around the world.
The group is strongly routed in sustainable growth and global progress and was looking for a visual identity to communicate that. Our mission was to reveal this difference via a new brand territory!

At the heart of life

Up to this point, the holding had remained very discrete, without a clear, visual expressing their mission. The new platform hinges on ambition and day-to-day human progress.
This new state of mind invites new thought into the way Bouygues expresses its brand story and its relation to the world. This is why we have anchored the new branding story around the concept: “At the heart of cities, At the heart of life”.
The Bouygues group endeavours for the enhancement of the life of men and women. By observing and understanding their habits, it can answer pertinently to their daily needs. By reconfiguring their visual identity and depicting the impact of their realisations on everyone’s daily life, they demonstrate their engagement.

A dynamic territory, representative and enriched

A language derived from the digital era, a simple visual style and pictograms to illustrate the action of Bouygues in their daily tasks: we designed an outstanding identity code to boost the brand and its communication.
The new brand is representative. It speaks to people. Its new tone is resolutely human and its iconography concretely depicts the benefits of the group’s actions.
The brand content, enriched, favours the initiatives of the group. It is based on strong pillars to rapidly promote the idea of human progress in each of its public relations speeches.

The agency correctly pinned down our challenges and opportunities. As usual, they delivered quality work with a strong strategic and creative dimension, always very meticulous. We are very pleased with the result!
Pierre Aubergé Communications Director