Budweiser Brew Master reserve 2.0 limited edition, adopts the secret formula from brewing competition, combined with world’s top hops and the ancient monastery brewing method. It is the most high-end beer on the market at present.


Budweiser hopes to present a limited edition in the Year of the Tiger to further enhance the brand’ high-end image.


The main consumer groups are middle-aged beer lovers. Master Budweiser hopes to bring good New Year wishes to consumers through the limited edition of the Year of the Tiger and have a great success in their life.

Brewmaste reserve reserved for you

Budweiser Brew Master Limited Edition 2.0, each bottle has an exclusive tag with a unique number, especially design for beer collectors or lovers.

The pattern and graphic vividly combien the tiger roaring totem and new year celebrating elements.


The golden shine Tiger roaring pattern stamping on the matte black bottle body which dramatically enhance the majestic of the design.


Creatively using the champagne bottle shape to break the impression and the bottle plus been finely carved as tiger head to further enhance the premiumness. When  consumer open the tiger head plug, not only create a sense of ritual of celebrating, also can be seen as a power of controlling.