La Halle

A new model of supermarket at the heart of the city

Fresh food and proximity have the wind in their sails ! Carrefour decides to test a new format within its "city" family.

Our goal was to value the offer and strengthen the visibility of traditional fresh food shelves: butcher, deli, caterer, fishmonger and bakery.
Each point of sale bears the name of its district to reflect its integration and value its tailor-made offer.
Carrefour La Halle Clichy, the first pilot site, opened its doors at the end of 2018.

Welcome to the "Fresh Halle" !

All the fresh food counters have their own design and communication, highlighting business know-how, responsibility and respect for producers, as well as the new codes of “eating well”, organic produce and the pleasure of healthy consumption.

Carrefour <br> La Halle
Carrefour <br> La Halle

New neighbourhood vitality

The food court , with a coffee offered to all visitors, has contributed to the success of this new local Carrefour, an accomplice to new consumption patterns and the aspirations of consumers thirsting for service and conviviality.