From local favourite to global icon

Mondelez wanted to tidy up their portfolio of biscuits, and approached us to migrate Southeast Asia ‘power brand’ Chipsmore into global brand Chips Ahoy! Our task was to develop an interim design solution that would act as a bridge between current Chipsmore to future Chips Ahoy!

We analysed the current Chipsmore design and concluded we needed to retain the colours and name. We transitioned the logo, taking on the Chips Ahoy! look and feel. Next, we injected the DNA of Chips Ahoy! into the rest of the pack design, taking into consideration the fun personality they both shared.

The result is a more exciting and vibrant “power brand’ that links strongly to the Mondelez global portfolio.

Dragon Rouge definitely is one of the top packaging agencies in my book. I was impressed with their thinking on brand equity and communication; they understand the big picture and are able to translate the problem and solution to packaging. In addition, they are easy to work and reliable. I won't hesitate to recommend them. Mark Sarmiento Senior Manager, AP Biscuits Equity Marketing, Mondelez International