Inna Bajka


In a world where everything is rushed, most of us don’t have the time to eat healthily. Nutritious meals usually go hand in hand with high prices, sparse choices and above all, a time-consuming preparation process. By default, people choose the simpler option: fast food and to-go meals.

Inna Bajka was created to challenge the firmly-held belief that healthy food is neither tasty nor easy to prepare. Its goal was to create a range of products that would be healthy, tasty and easy to prepare.

Meet the
wild gang

We embarked on a long journey with Inna Bajka to give life to its challenging value proposition. Starting from the name and claim, we went through the brand’s positioning strategy to unfold the brand’s entire story: from its visual identity and packaging to its OOP communication. A wide range of characters populates the eye-catching world of Inna Bajka, with its promise to deliver cheap and healthy food.

Meet the Early Bird, who gets up at dawn to make yummy porridge for breakfast. Or the Wild Provider, who opts for healthy seeds and dried fruits. In a world where no food is of animal origin, the Full Wolf and the Whole Sheep know how to prepare a nutritious lunch.

The cherry on top of this beautiful project was the work on the website design and the e-commerce functionality that was wisely conceived to match the offer.

Bronze and Silver pentawards !

In 2020 we also enriched the brand world with new animal heroes and designed new packaging for product lines’ extensions (granola and musli).

These projects won two PENTAWARDS in 2021 : SILVER in the Health and diet foods category and BRONZE in the new and immensely important Sustainable design category!

Brand Identity GrandPrix

The Brand Identity GrandPrix, awarded in Milan, honors the best branding projects from the perspective of visual communication. The prize is awarded to agencies involved in strategic design and branding.

We are delighted to announce that this year, the prize went to Dragon Rouge Warsaw for its work on Inna Bajka in the 'Product Identity' category.