Jay Street

Brooklyn Born

Urban adventure seekers

Ito En, an international leader in RTD tea and maker of the popular Tea’s Tea line of products, saw an opportunity to expand into the RTD coffee marketplace. Create a distinctive identity and packaging for Ito En’s launch of a new RTD coffee brand, “Jay Street.”  Brand must be simple and impactful while communicating significant flavor and appetite appeal for its three SKUs: Latte, Mocha and Vanilla.

Tailored to your neighborhood

We’ve established a brand positioning and platform around “Urban Adventure.” Tailored for individuals who seek their own path, the new brand conveys a desire for coffee that has a bold, rich and saturated experience.

Cityscape influences

Delivered a bold identity and stand-out at shelf with hand-crafted illustrations rooted in the brand’s birthplace: Brooklyn.  Like its urban origins, Jay Street is authentic, strong and proud.  Not overly sweet, but always rich in flavor.