Modernising a family favourite

Get up and go!

The Task: Develop a Masterbrand system for Kelloggs Canada, bring the positive equity of the Kellogg’s Masterbrand to the sub brands. Improve food depiction to convey “realness”

– Trust

– Light hearted

– Optimism

– Cheerful

– Happy Start / Happy Breakfast

A better breakfast

Foremost, unify the sub-brands beneath the Kellogg’s masterbrand.  Create a cohesive “brand block” that sufficiently differentiates and maintains the identity of individual sub-brands.  Leverage the positive equities of Kellogg’s Masterbrand – trusted, light hearted, optimistic and cheerful – to capture the right “attitude” at shelf. Apply the system across Rice Krispies, Karave, Just Right, Vector, Two Scoops, Muslix, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, All-Bran, Mini-Wheats, Special K and corn POPS.

Spreading sunny possibilities

Delivered a consistent treatment of Kellogg’s Masterbrand, drove meaningful differentiation for sub-brands and improved taste appeal.  We leveraged all of the pack elements – food depiction, pack architecture, attitude – to create a stronger sense of unity and brand recognition across the Kellogg’s product lines.