Kopenhagen Xmas

Christmas gift to you

Kopenhagen is a Brazilian premium chocolate brand and retail chain. Best known for its chocolate products, it also produces candies and confectionery, offering more than 300 items among them, seasonal Easter and Christmas ranges.
Focused on premium luxury products, Kopenhagen (CRM Group) was founded in 1928. It has more than 300 stores in 60 different cities all over Brazil.

The Season To Be Jolly

Chocolate is a common gift in special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas. Every year Kopenhagen develops new products with a seasonal visual theme to enchant and engage consumers. What comes out of this seasonal packaging visual system turns to be the birth of every other type of the brand’s expression, like point-of-sale, advertising campaign, social media and others.

The Christmas magic

Bring modernity and sophistication to a brand that is 90 years old, attracting new consumers without losing the loyal ones. Another challenge is to reinvent Christmas packaging every year to be visually impactful and interactive, in a way to almost make the packaging the main reason for the purchase, considering that this panettone range sells almost up to 1 million units during the season.

A gift for Christmas

To become outstanding among all competitor’s Christmas packages in the season, we created and developed a pop-up packaging, causing surprise and enchantment with a meaningful storytelling showing different Christmas scenes in each packaging as a Christmas show.

To make it financially viable, innovative folding structure was created by the printer in order to make logistics possible.

The result was so amazing that the packaging became the base for the brand advertising campaign and also inspired a real street parade with an audience of more than 45,000 people.