The reawakening
of a Love brand

The sleeping beauty

LU, a brand that was very close to every French person’s heart, became less visible on shelf over the years and started being taken over by its numerous sub-brands, which disconnected them from the brand LU.
One of the main goals is to not only reconnect the brand LU to its products but to also allow it to shine and regain its position as a power brand.  To regain consumers’ attention, the brand should also be much more visible on shelf.

Innovation and Tradition

Looking at the brand’s heritage, several core values came to light; innovation, avant-garde, simplicity and innovation. Our objective was to keep a strong visual link between the brand and its products whilst allowing each sub-brand to maintain its own identity.

Think outside the box

Our new logo, looking towards the future, uses the tagline “since 1846” to highlight the established know-how of the brand, presenting its iconic product before its sub-brands.
This interaction between the brand and its product, called “play”, becomes a key element used not only on all packaging, but on key-visuals or displays, guaranteeing the brand has only one tone across all of its designs!


What has changed

A change that was noticed and appreciated by consumers, claiming “LU woke up”, “LU innovated”, “A brand that managed to reinvent itself”. We have also noted items that are progressing: trust, modernity, innovation…

The logo visibility was raised by 70% (source: consumer test)

Sales increased by +3% during the first year following this new design implementation.