Create with Malaysia

Creating magic
with Malaysia


Back in 2014 the global perspective on Malaysia was narrow. Two consecutive airline disasters and one-sided negative media coverage were eroding confidence in the brand, domestically and internationally. The brand was also suffering from a fragmented and inconsistent approach to brand identity and communications. Every ministry and agency was doing its own thing.


It was time for the nation to claim that there is so much more to Malaysia than people think. We embarked on a journey to show the world, in a simple and consistent way, Malaysia’s amazing diversity (cultural, economic, physical).

Call to Action

To communicate a specific and own-able proposition for the Malaysia, we imagined and launched in 2016 the “Create with Malaysia” campaign. How Malaysia’s diversity makes it a ripe environment for collaboration and innovation colors all the corresponding communication tools. It was a call-to-action to the world (investors, business, talent, students, tourists) to come and co-create with Malaysia and with Malaysians – a technology innovation, a new enterprise, an artistic collaboration, or simply unique memories.


This campaign ran as part of major international events in 2016, including World Economic Forum (Davos, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta) and investor & tourism promotional campaigns in London, Barcelona, Shanghai and Sydney.
The world started to take notice. Perspectives widened and Malaysia could position as a knowledge-driven economy, moving beyond commodities and manufacturing.