Repositioning to delivering category innovation

Only the essentials

Mōdere is a beautifully styled brand sold online only, with a visual tonality that puts it on par with leading lifestyle brands. However, product communication and packaging needed to better deliver on the brand image and connect with consumers. There was a great opportunity to tailor brand and product to the Japanese market. Therefore, develop positioning that better differentiates Mōdere from competitors and create a packaging system that delivers a compelling “reason to believe” and provides a platform for global expansion.

A natural world without sacrifice 

We conducted a week-long immersion exercise in Tokyo for a consumer products client launching a new brand in Japan. We spent time immersing ourselves in all things Tokyo, including retail environments, city centers and cultural landmarks. We had a consumer guide native to Tokyo take us around and help us get into the mindset of our consumer target. We consulted beauty writers and other leaders in the Japanese personal care space , using their thought leadership to drive understanding of cultural nuances and trends.

Harnessing the power of nature  

Positioned as a “Next Gen Apothecary,” the Mōdere portfolio of luxury beauty products harnesses the power of nature to deliver innovation in the category. Inspired by “designs” that exist in the natural world, its packaging communicates the brand’s commitment to safe, non-toxic ingredients without sacrificing quality or performance. Unembellished and austere, Mōdere signals its difference at shelf – only the essentials from nature and nothing else.