Moving the iconic French aperitif into the future

The number 1 anis drink

A key name in the French popular culture since 1932, Ricard has been passed down for generations but today it’s got to change!

The pastis de Marseille must reinvent itself to rejuvenate its image and keep its position as a leader. Ricard’s goal in the coming years is to tell its recipe’s story to tomorrow’s consumers while keeping its loyal followers.

Telling a beautiful, true story!

The bottle’s design has hardly changed since its creation in 1932. Today it says little even though it’s got plenty of things to tell: its French origin, natural ingredients, etc. We tried to express that in the design.


We’ve highlighted its natural dimension by subtly naming the ingredients and illustrating them in the central acanthus. All this handmade work has allowed the brand to reassert its authenticity. The redesigned labels emphasise the bottle’s slender volume. They’re more pared down without losing status.

Last but not least, we reconciled the non-pack logos (logotype and typography developed by Yorgo&Co) and the logo pack (adapted by the Agency) which had remained different since 1932, by installing the historic Ricard typography on the bottle. The impact on the shelf has been reinforced and a form of simplicity has been found on the bottle. Yellow, the brand’s iconic color, has been reinforced.