Bottled Up Seychellois

A local drink for local people

Having successfully developed the SeyBrew brand for Diageo in the Seychelles, we were asked to help their carbonated soft drink brand, SeyPearl, achieve its goal. Through research, we discovered that consumers felt the brand had become tired and dated, without a clear positioning, and did not reflect the true flavour inside the bottle. We were asked to give the brand a refresh and an update. The new brand expression needed to better reflect the modern life of the Seychellois. We were asked to take advantage of the existing personality of fun, lightheartedness, and bring it to life through SeyPearl’s packaging design. A consideration of its relationship with the SeyBrew brand needed to be respected throughout the development.

Sun ripened design

Our range of backgrounds for the new SeyPearl range takes inspiration from the authentic Seychellois traditional and art of sun printing. Native leaves and flowers of the island are taken and placed on large canvases, allowing the power of the tropical sun to bleach beautiful bold and vibrant patterns. These created the backgrounds of our range of flavours balanced with a specially crafted brandmark that takes inspiration from the handmade signs of the island. This captures both the rawness and the jewel that is the pearl.

"There is a deep-rooted love for SeyPearl across the island, and we are only too pleased that the new modern look and feel has brought a youthful energy to the brand and puts us in good stead to be successful into the future." Carlyn Donald Marketing Projects Manager - IPS and Reserves Portfolio; Africa Emerging Markets (AEM), Diageo

Reviving the island's jewel

We have refreshed the identity and showed its proud part in the Seychelles’ island history, nature and culture. The repositioning has given a centre of gravity to a new marketing and advertising campaign and revived local pride and tourist interest in the island’s local jewel.