Vita Vodka



A citrus vodka drink of 37.5% ABV, Vita was born in Spain in 2017, as the first vodka designed to be mixed with water. The product was created by Spanish entrepreneur Victor Ruiz Lafita, who had spent time living in London and spotted an opportunity in the market for a sugar-free vodka offer with an appetising enough taste profile that doesn’t need to be mixed with sugary CSDs. The product offer is on-trend with no sugar, and boasts a low calorie count, and the ingredients were researched for over a year before going into production.


Creating the new Vita identity was a great opportunity, as the product quality was widely recognised, yet the existing brand identity wasn’t doing justice to the product quality or the unique story behind the brand. The previous brand identity had taken the Swedish vodka brand Absolut as design inspiration, however the cold Nordic, minimalist style was not reflective of Vita’s warm, Mediterranean provenance and real equity. Our revamped brand image focuses on the truly pan-Mediterranean nature of the brand, which uses Italian wheat and organic lemons from the Mediterranean coast, and is distilled in Barcelona.


The visual elements further reflect the craft and provenance story. We introduced new bottle structure, inspired by adjacent categories such as gin, and the substrate is transparent to celebrate the delicate colour of the liquid. We replaced the previously screened on label with a high-quality paper label, rich with embossing and varnishes to elevate the craft and authenticity story. We introduced a new neck label that features Vita’s motto “Born at Sea, Perfected on the Coast.” Throughout the bottle there are discovery elements hidden within the illustration, neck label and back label. We introduced a fresh new blue to provide a link back to the Mediterranean sea, breathing life into the reworked brand mark. These elements combined share the narrative of Vita Vodka’s inception and multi-ingredient make up, and truly reflect the spirit of the Mediterranean.

The new Vita launched in November 2019 in UK through a Rewards Crowdfunding Campaign. Currently, the new bottle is exclusively available through the reward-based crowdfunding campaign at Crowdfunder, but as of Q1 2020 Vita will start to appear in multiple on-trade outlets across the UK and is available at more than 100 points of sale outside the UK.

I feel very lucky to have worked with Dragon Rouge's team. Apart from their excellent design and creative skills, I have appreciated their personal and close approach. The Creative Director, Dave, is a very likable guy that has been fully involved and hands-on during the whole process, which has allowed to increase the flexibility in the creative process. Victor Ruiz Lafita Founder, Vita Citric Spirits