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  • trends 2013 dîner

New 2014 socio-cultural trends by Dragon Rouge


Sophie Grenier, Consultant Innovation and Trends, presented Dragon Rouge's new trends with the help of chef Pierre Morat, at Alain Ducasse Ecole de Cuisine. The new trends were revealed in a friendly atmosphere during a delicious dinner, and our guests had the pleasure of discovering the trends in pictures, words and food – sometimes joining in cooking:

  • THESAURUS: an antiquarian approach that re-explores the last vestiges of knowledge and culture
  • SMOOTHLY: taking refuge in a private space, surrounded by soft and gentle daily pleasures  
  • AERY : clear the mind, reach the sky, breathe
  • SNAPSHOT : the digital tool for emotions, the era of Embodiment
  • SYNӔSTHESIA : an artistic explosion breaking the standard rules which enables self-expression
  • MYTHOLOGIES : a return to original knowledge to rebuild social stucture and find new values
  • DA-SEIN : gain wisdom, accepting the scheme of things and put everything back in its rightful place

Have a look at a summary of the seven major socio-cultural trends in the video above.

For more information or an interview, please contact Sophie Grenier. To arrange a presentation with your team, please contact Andrea Lebris.


Andréa Le Bris