A touch of Italian romance with AHA coffee

17 September 2014

Uni-president decided to break the rule and make a difference to shine on their new AHA coffee. “It’s time to set the new perception for Chinese consumer to appreciate the art of drinking bottle coffee, the enjoyment beyond just the flavour.” By saying that, AHA coffee’s strategy is to use brand design (packaging) driven to set the brand strategy and overall market campaign.

We worked with AHA team from the very beginning when we both agreed on breaking the category code and make the product the “Hero” - an emotional link to Chinese consumers. New AHA coffee is “a taste of Italy”, using Italian coffee technique, sharing the aesthetic of Italian coffee making process and tools, and delivering the attitude of romantic and relaxing lifestyle.

To match with the unique brand equity - “mocha pot” bottle shape, the design is simple, touching and premium, revealing the delightful and romantic Italian mood, successfully created “a taste of Italy” through the packaging, for Chinese mass consumers to enjoy the indulgence and romantic atmosphere.

After the new product launched, Uni-president had positive feedback from target consumers on Weibo (the most popular social media platform in greater China), especially welcomed by the younger generation, new AHA coffee received comments as a treat, a relaxing moment to have and share with friends.