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New worldwide retail concept

A new concept tailor-made for metropolitan mobility

Europcar, Europe’s leading car rental service and a major influence in mobility, is unveiling newly redesigned agencies. The makeovers into one-of-a-kind, multimodal centers are the first of many that will be rolled out in the near future, in which digital is placed at the center of the customer experience and is coupled with flexible, innovative services. In keeping with customers’ new purchasing habits, in which smartphones play an important part, stations will now be equipped with digital terminals that facilitate customer interaction by providing instant practical information and directing customers to the right resource for their concern—thus offering quality service and saving valuable time.

An intuitive space for a memorable customer experience and a stronger Europcar brand

The new look will be rolled out gradually across the Europcar network, building agency environments that tie into Europcar’s “Moving your way”* message of pleasure and its values of empathy, simplicity, innovation, and trust.

Feels like home

We chose to give every element of the redesigned agencies a softer feel. The ambiance of the spaces are structured by softened by yellow and green hues, while light-colored wood floors and furniture add warmth. Shades of green complete the palette and provide a touch of tranquility.

Designed for smooth service and a quality experience

Identification terminals at station entrances help sort priorities based on customer profiles. Long, unbroken counters are divided into separate workstations lit by multicolored lights where customers receive personalized, individual service. From top to bottom, the new layout and the powerful lines of the new esthetic are designed to offer a neat, cozy appeal in the brand’s signature colors. Special attention is also paid to ensure customer comfort. New retail concept elements are added to enhance the customer experience: children can now sit in miniature chairs made just for them, and adults can charge their electronic devices using specially equipped end tables. Finally, equal care is put into the exteriors of the agencies. They need to be as welcoming as the interior, especially in high-traffic areas, with benches and snack areas where customers can rest.

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