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Just For Me

Re-launching a multi-ethnic hair care brand

When the Just for Me hair care brand launched in the early 1990s, it was the first ethnic hair care brand for children. Positioned as a gentle and moisturising line of products that reduced hair breakage, it also provided a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy hair growth. Over time and as competition entered the market, the brand expanded, yet it appeared unfocused and difficult to navigate. Just For Me needed to be re-positioned and re-designed to bring clarity, broaden its appeal and re-establish its leadership position in the multi-ethnic hair care category.

Focusing on the new brand vision to be the leading Global Children’s Hair Care Brand for moms of children with multi-textured (wavy, curly, kinky) hair, Dragon Rouge developed an overarching design strategy around, ‘We Share Hair’, which reflects the bond that occurs between mothers and daughters via the ritual of hair care.

Consumer research revealed that while most consumers felt the brand had a long and trusted heritage, they also found it to be old-fashioned and evoking fun and chaos rather than gentleness and protection. With very few visual equities associated with the brand, Dragon Rouge developed a new look and feel to convey the new brand strategy while also clearly differentiating the two offerings within the brand. The new design system is based on a white background (expressing gentleness and protection) and contains graphic cues to helped better navigate the range between natural and relaxed hair product offerings.

The new identity centres on a creative and heartwarming ‘heart’ with touching or ‘hugging’ colours that appeal to the emotional bonding moment of hair rituals. The use of a bolder, more mature and serious font in the logo communicates credibility and efficacy. Overall, the new colours, cleaner look, excessive use of white, and new brand logo convey pureness and gentleness. The aesthetically soothing use of muted, more elegant colours in the overall design provide a child-friendly yet elegant look. Together, this provides clarity and creates a stronger brand block on shelf.

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