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Global yogurt giant Yoplait wished to leverage the growing middle class appetite for premium foods in China and launch its brand as a premium yogurt entry into a market which was driven by local brands and highly commoditized.

For Chinese consumers, French means quality, but it also means luxury and expensive. In order to find a modern and relevant expression of Yoplait’s French heritage while also ensuring the brand is friendly and approachable, we developed the core idea of “Joyful Living” and defined their brand personality as one that is delightful, wholesome and experiential thus capturing the essence of French joy de vivre aspirational attitude.

To ensure that each product range delivered on not only the brand but also the product positioning and key message, we developed different structures for each product to ensure a stronger link. We also explored a new cap for Perle de Lait to house a spoon and also allow it to be stackable on a shelf. The graphic design highlights the experiential element of the product making it reminiscent of luxurious French desserts. Finally, the layout and use of English and Chinese typefaces are even, clean and simple, evoking the sense of friendliness and confidence in a healthy lifestyle.

The launch exceeded all expectations and has not only strongly established the brand in the Chinese market but also grown the category overall inspiring new innovation in experiential dairy.

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