Awards • 13 12 2018


Our SEA agency and The Coca-Cola Company are delighted to announce that the recently launched brand Authentic Tea House has won an award for new brand and packaging creation at the recent Singapore Business Review ‘Designed in Singapore’ awards.

Our mission was to help create a new ready-to-drink (RTD) tea brand that celebrates authentic teas flavours and their origins. The new brand, called Authentic Tea HouseTM, tells the story of each tea, highlighting its provenance – region, brewing technique and the tea masters behind the blend.

“Tea culture is deeply engrained in almost all Asian societies, and it is normally associated with thoughtful social ritual. We wanted to translate this experience into a modern ready-to-drink brand that would appeal to tea lovers AND to a younger generation of on-the-go consumers who are looking for something more authentic,” commented Zayn Khan, CEO of Dragon Rouge in Southeast Asia. “Story telling is an important part of branding, so we used the story of each blend on pack to build a deeper engagement with the consumer.”

Pratik Thakar, Director Integrated Marketing Communications ASEAN, The Coca-Cola Company, commented “Singaporeans, especially busy young adults, are seeking out authentic tea flavours to help relax and refresh their minds and bodies for a quality me-time. With Authentic Tea HouseTM, we are meeting that consumer demand by giving consumers a taste of authentic tea experience anytime with the twist of a cap.”

“We had strong products in our RTD tea portfolio already, including AyatakaTM Japanese Green Tea, which was previously under the Heaven and Earth brand. With the launch of the Authentic Tea House brand, we had the opportunity to bring AyatakaTM under a singular brand with other authentic teas, delivering the unified promise of delivering an authentic tea experience anytime, anywhere. We deliberately maintained aspects of the AyatakaTM brand identity for the green tea variant as it enjoys strong equity amongst our consumers in the region.”

Launched initially in Singapore with 3 types of tea – AyatakaTM Japanese Green Tea (sugar free), Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea (sugar free) and Jin Ban Chrysanthemum Tea (low in sugar), the Authentic Tea HouseTM brand identity and packaging stands out as more premium and contemporary while paying homage to the experience of enjoying traditionally pot-brewed tea.

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