CVS Beauty 360

A Thing of Beauty

Transforming a Pharmacy name
into a Beauty Brand

The Everyday Beauty

Our task was to create an identity and packaging system for a portfolio of beauty products that is versatile enough to cover multiple categories. We needed to create a differentiated packaging for easy shopping across range, and consistent at shelf for impact and brand blocking.

Apply with Style  

The portfolio of products falls within 7 categories. Each category has a corresponding design principle to differentiate and communicate based on specific category codes. Beauty 360 Segmentation: Facial Care, HBL, Cleansing, Hair, Shave, Cosmetics, Deodorant

Versatility through a Sensorial Wave

The fashionable and sensorial system stands its ground compared to national brand equivalents. The new packaging has been applied with style to all beauty products, from face masks, nail polish removers, make-up sponges and beauty implements to cotton balls and more. The CVS store-brand is now a thing of beauty.