Marie Brizard

Ringing in the new golden age of cocktails

Sensationnelle since 1755

Marie Brizard became the first female liqueur distiller back in 1755, when women were not even legally allowed to start a business. The brand gradually grew worldwide, reaching its peak during the Art Deco period — the golden age of cocktails for Europe, while prohibition thrived in the United States. In addition to historical facts, Marie Brizard’s past conjures up pioneering boldness, creative agility, openness to the world, and style, values that appeal to those in search of rewarding, creative, unexpected sensations.

Multifaceted creation

The diamond — an Art Deco motif based on the brand’s advertising heritage — gets a new look to become a key, contemporary graphic feature steeped in sensuality. It is unexpectedly interpreted on all of Marie Brizard’s communication materials, from labels to objects, the bottles’ facetted décor and advertising at events. The bottles’ harmonious new shapes, elegant silhouettes and “divine” proportions are another nod to Art Deco.

Cocktails at the heart of activation

Besides the concept, we created easy-to-memorise cocktail names (like Marie Zest and Marie Love), and the institutional signature, “Sensationnelle since 1755,” which is reinterpreted depending on each market’s legal requirements.


Thanks to bartenders worldwide, Marie Brizard will be back at the centre of the cocktail world. To promote this strategy, we lent a hand to create the “MB Masters,” an international mixology competition.

In 2017, Marie Brizard’s new design was given a gold TOP/COM award, a trophy awarded to the best communication operations of the year. Read more about it here.