Transforming the brand and culture of a global energy giant

PETRONAS is a Fortune 500 energy company with a global presence. PETRONAS wanted to shed its image as a former national oil and gas company, and aspire to be perceived as more innovative, customer-focused and global.

Dragon Rouge developed a new brand positioning for PETRONAS – „Passionate about Progress“ – to reflect the company’s innovative spirit and commitment to customer success. We translated the brand positioning into a 360° brand experience through a brand identity system encompassing visuals, motion and sound that lives dynamically in digital, activation and more traditional media environments. To bring the brand to life, Dragon Rouge created a comprehensive internal brand engagement plan and communications campaign that was deployed to 47,000 employees in 30 countries and across all businesses.





The CEO and senior management team embraced the new brand and championed its spread throughout the organization. The brand has seen a marked increase in internal engagement across all sectors and markets, and an improvement in key brand equity metrics around innovation, customer focus and people.
Dragon Rouge was proud to receive a Transform Award 2020 for the identity we created with our sound partners Sixième Son.