Sun Letterbox

From 1 click to your home!

Introducing a new business model in the dishwashing category

Sun's expertise delivered to your doorstep

Sun, leader of the dishwashing category, decided to introduce a brand new consumer-centric innovation: its Sun Letterbox.
You can order it on Amazon and receive it directly to your home, thanks to the packaging that has been specifically designed to fit through everyone’s mailbox.
More than matching consumer’s needs thanks to its „convenience and hassle-free product experience“, this new business model fully echoes the vision and ambition of the brand: future proof and sustainable for the long-term – thanks to less packaging waste, natural ingredients, biodegradable/recycled and recyclable materials.

A unique experience for consumers

As you can imagine, we couldn’t only adapt the current Sun’s packaging design for this tremendous innovation! We wanted to create something unique, a real experience.
To match consumer’s needs and motivations of immediacy, velocity, mobility and convenience, we worked on clear and straightforward wording combined with a welcoming and aspirational tone of voice. A great opportunity to communicate with Sun’s consumers!

Did you notice the optical illusion on the design?

A fun touch was adding the illusion
of an envelope onto the box, that helped to embody the letterbox concept.

Highlighting the story of an eco-friendly brand

By using the inner side of the box as a strategic touchpoint, Dragon Rouge identified a great potential to accompany the brand in showcasing its brand mission on sustainability.

All that with a smart, sympathetic and emotional approach.