News • 04 12 2023

Fivefields, a working space like no other

Grosvenor, the international organisation whose activities span urban property, food and agtech, rural estate management and support for philanthropic initiatives, has come together with The Westminster Foundation and x+why to create a new flexible workspace in central London.

Centred on inclusivity, sustainability and wellbeing, Fivefields will bring together like-minded charities and social impact organisations working to improve outcomes for children and young people.

We are proud to announce that we won a competitive pitch, that allows us to further our relationship with Grosvenor and build on our strength in the charity sector, to create the name, brand strategy, and brand identity for the space.

Situated at Grosvenor Gardens, in the heart of Victoria, Fivefields brings together like-minded charities to grow, network and collaborate with each other, through shared interests and challenges. With grant funding available from the Westminster Foundation, Fivefields is redefining flexible workspace for charities.

The aspiration for the project was to create a physical manifestation of The Westminster Foundation’s strategy to enable children and young people to thrive.

We defined the brand purpose for the unique collaborative workspace of ‘Uplifting charities through the power of community’, and the brand identity is designed to support all aspects of this thriving community and the strength in coming together to create positive impact.

The name ‘Fivefields’ is rooted in the history of the site itself, which quite literally used to be five fields and this inspired the graphic identity system and idea of ‘the power of five’. Five is a recurring theme within the building. Not only are there five floors for charities, but the board room is intentionally cut into five pieces and even the typeface of the logo has a 5° lean to it.

This design system celebrates the individuality of young people and the strength in charitable collaboration using bold graphic shapes that come together in an ever-changing series of fives. Agile, recognisable and always bright and optimistic it reflects the ethos of the place and its intention. This works as an easy-to-understand system for Fivefields and the individual charities to adopt and allows flexibility for the future.

All other aspects of the brand identity celebrate the mix of classic with a modern twist and respect both the building and history of the prestigious site with the vibrant inspiration of youth and impact of the future collaborations.

For Dragon Rouge, it has been a privilege to work with Grosvenor, The Westminster Foundation and x+why, and consult closely with the architects Barr Gazetas and signage designer Darrell Gibbons on many aspects of the experience to bring this brand to life.

“Creating a flexible workspace for charities and social impact organisations is a first for Grosvenor and the Westminster Foundation. At every stage of the project, from design to construction and fit out, we have sought to deliver a place that feels like a real community, with sustainability, inclusivity, and wellbeing at its heart. We really enjoyed working with Dragon Rouge on this fantastic creative project. Setting the right tone in terms of the brand strategy and identity has been a crucial part of the whole design process.”

– Lucy Puddle, Project Director at Grosvenor

“We have loved working with the wider team to bring Fivefields to life. Everything in the brand has been created to reinforce the ‘power of five’, and the strength of coming together. The brand identity combines classic references that respect the building’s history and location, and a modern agile design system that celebrates the uniqueness of the young people the charities support. We are excited to see what happens next and the positive impact the Fivefields building will have.”

– Becky King, Creative Director at Dragon Rouge


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