Prix • 27 02 2020

TOP/COM award for greet

Every year, the TOP/COM GRANDS PRIX corporate business rewards the best communication operations of the year. In 2019, we designed greet, a new brand based on positive hospitality, second chance and the quest of meaning!

What a GREEEEET pride and pleasure it is to announce that our work for greet hotels has been awarded the SILVER prize in the global design category at the TOP/COM GRANDS PRIX 2020!

Check out our Managing Director, Matthieu Sakkas (right), and Marketing Manager – greet hotels, Joseph Hannouche (left) posing with this greatly deserved prize!
Congratulations to them and to everyone who participated in making this project as successful as it it!
Congratulations to our opponents as well. This year, the competition was especially tough!

To find out more about our work with greet click here!