Press • 05 03 2020

Mathieu Sakkas on Forbes’ Leader’s Talk

Forbes Magazine, renowned for its famous global rankings (audience > 94 millions), also gives expert analysis on current events in business, politics, investments, technology, management…

Forbes France, its French version sheds light on top SMEs’ in innovation, industry, services, consultancy, etc. in its TV program “The Leaders’ Talk” broadcasted on its website

The SMEs’ managers, selected by Médias France, speak on their market issues with an expert eye.

For three days as of March 17 2020, Mathieu Sakkas, our Managing Director, Corporate, Service & Retail Branding is answering the questions of the Leader’s Talk dedicated to brand consultancy, on Forbes’ website.

In this special edition dedicated to brand consultancy, Mathieu Sakkas explains the importance of « Managing through the brand to navigate change ». He also addresses the profound changes that brand consultancy has undergone and he insists on the need for brands to create their peculiarity.

Inspiring and fruitful tips in this time of crisis.

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"We no longer prioritize brand management but management through the brand : a management that is closely linked to the company’s strategy and allows it to give meaning to a business ambition through a narrative that is instantly more meaningful to every company’s department." Mathieu Sakkas on The Leader's Talk