Bez kategorii • 21 04 2021

Revitalising the Genius Sports brand ahead of NYSE listing

We are proud to share the news of the launch of our work with Genius Sports, the global sports technology and data business, reinvigorating the brand to better reflect its future ambition. The work includes a new brand strategy, architecture, identity, and application.

Genius Sports powers the global sports data ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media. It builds software that captures, manages and distributes sports’ official live data and video, develops backend/outsourced software and services used by sports betting companies to run their products, and delivers digital content and marketing services used by sports, media and betting companies to help engage sports fans.

Genius Sports works with over 500 sports organisations, including many of the world’s largest leagues and federations such as the NFL, NBA, English Premier League, MLB, FIBA, NCAA and PGA Tour.

Following impressive year-on-year growth, Genius Sports announced plans in Q4 2020 to list on the New York Stock Exchange. The business recognised the importance of addressing key brand questions ahead of listing – including positioning its strategy, restructuring its brand architecture, and bringing this to life through a refreshed and reinvigorated identity – and we were appointed to lead this work.

The company was at a critical juncture. It had grown organically from a single Betgenius brand founded in 2000 into a group of brands operating across the wider sports data space, but now needed to make strategic brand decisions to continue to support its growth.The business has never been afraid to walk its own path and take a long-term view that shares the benefit of sports data, and its different operations make it uniquely placed to understand and impact the entire sports data ecosystem.


The new brand strategy is positioned on championing that disruptive mentality as a leader that benefits the whole industry, and is driven to deliver the difference for partners and customers.

The decision was made to move to a monolithic brand architecture as Genius Sports, transitioning from a masterbrand architecture as Genius Sports Group (with Genius Sports, Betgenius and Genius Sports Media underneath). This meant it was able to retain existing brand equity and build greater understanding of its services as a single integrated brand that can gather, organise, optimise and enrich experiences for sports, betting and media organisations.


Building on this strategy, the vibrant new Genius Sports brand identity reinforces the company’s position as a leader and innovator in sports technology and data, and really stands apart from others in the industry.

The new identity combines ideas of precision, integration and energy. It brings detailed, data driven organisation and optimisation meets the energy and boldness of experiences in the sporting world. The logotype and monogram can be used together or as individual assets in their own right, a flexibility and agility that is an important aspect across the graphic language.

The flexible graphic device is both integrated into imagery and operates as an independent, dynamic feature in animation, video content and digital applications. Vibrant colours and a distinctive new hero typeface have been introduced to create an optimistic and assertive look and feel throughout.


The brand launched on 7th April ahead of its upcoming listing on the NYSE and has been met with excitement and interest across Genius Sports and beyond.

Tom Washington, Genius Sports Marketing Director, said:
“What really drove the success of this project was Dragon Rouge’s ability to understand both our multi-faced business and our ambitions for the future, in record time. This allowed us to move fast and make confident, long-term decisions. We love the fresh and unified brand identity, and as we enter a new era as a public company, it will help strengthen our value proposition, better serve our partners’ needs and articulate our vision of a connected sports, betting and media ecosystem.”

Becky King, Creative Director at Dragon Rouge, said:
“It’s exciting to be able to create a brand for the new era of Genius Sports, one where confidence, boldness and dynamism is key, and the visual and verbal brand reflects that ambition.”