Bez kategorii • 25 11 2020

Shape the undisputed leader of the wi-fi market

Backed by 15 years of innovation in wireless technology to adapt to everyone’s needs. Airties appears today as a business partner empowering service providers for the creation of exceptional digital life experiences.


An identity that features Airties way to improve the WI-FI signal

We convey a new reference symbol based on WI-FI technology. Airties identity combines the human touch with advanced technological know-how.

We created a communicative system that ensures strong recognition in the category. Thanks to shaped icons, proprietary patterns and bright colors, Airties brand territory expresses both our passion for innovation and our human intelligence.

A generative font to embody WI-FI’s smooth and seamless experience in our daily life.

Based on WI-FI technology, we crafted a typographic language in 3D.
A visual accelerator of communication and a representation of data that emphasizes the unlimited way to enjoy WI-FI in our daily life.