Bez kategorii • 12 04 2021

Volvic Juicy: from a healthy brand to a green activist brand

The ambition of Volvic is to become a healthier hydration activist brand with a real purpose

Inspired by the volcano and its power, Volvic enables people to harnest the strength of nature and feel strong inside.
To embody this mission, the “aquadrinks” range needs to be truly reinvented to be able to carry values such as strength, authenticity, and truth.

Let’s start with Volvic Juicy !

Reveal its true nature!

From an artificial and chemical design, we worked a new approach dramatically raw, authentic and natural.
The volcano is anchored on its lands where fruits are growing.
The fruits are beautiful because they receive the strength of the volcano, but not perfect because nature is not perfect.
The texture of the paper in the background evokes a recycled paper and reinforce the natural aspect of the design.
The design is bold, not mastered, free and true.