The newly created start-up TruVitals approached Dragon Rouge Singapore in 2021 to create an all natural and vegan concept for children’s multivitamins. Their aim was to improve the devastating statistic which explains that 50% of the world’s current micronutrient deficient population lives in India.
Nikita Tamta (who previously worked at GSK) wanted to break into the market by creating a gummy product, appealing to children, which would truly improve their nutrition and not compromise their health, unlike other nutraceutical products.


Our design team created the brand completely from scratch, using the client’s theme of ‘vitality’ to build their personalised tone of voice. Distinctive brand elements were developed, including the flow of the connecting dots in the TruVitals logo, along with the personification of flavours in the kid friendly elements such as the strawberry (the original flavour) and orange (for immunity) characters. 

As a result, our combined mission for both parents and children ‘Complete your daily nutri quota with TruVitals’ we were able to support this incredibly innovative start-up to create an 100% rare green label product.