News • 12 12 2018


The online training platform, OpenClassrooms – French jewel of the EdTech which seduces each month more than 3 million people in 130 countries – ambitions to revolution the traditional education model thanks to a unique approach built around customized follow-up.

Its new identity aims at supporting the international conquest dynamics of the start-up which answers to the jobs of the future thanks to 100% online professional and certifying trainings which guarantee a job to everyone.

The new brand highlights this promise with a new face which places access to education at the center of everything. Our creative concept named “Open Worlds” serves to illustrate the openness of the worlds (intellectual, cultural, creative … worlds) to make the knowledge more appealing, useful and federative.

From logotype to shape codes going through color system or even the choices of typographies, the whole graphic territory calls creatively and technically to sharing and to learning in complete freedom. Every single element is thought for easy declination (eg. the choice of openfronts) and for all profiles (eg. the work on contrasts for the visually impaired).

By adding such a meaning to the design, the brand holds a strong message in its expression: a message of a company which opens up new horizons thanks to a knowledge opened to everyone, which invites to become an expert, an “opener” who can in turn share new skills.

This graphic evolution is also part of a spectacular growth of the company. This growth was supported this summer by a record capital raising (60m$) and by the setting up of key partnerships (Google, IBM, Orange …), which conveys the next successes of this new educational model.