A new kind
of media

Composed of former Itélé journalists, Explicite is an independent media available solely through social networks. An incisive sound and design affirm the professionalism and modernity of the journalists. Both massive and dynamic, the logo symbolizes decryption and interactivity. Colours express the diversity of the content.

A mechanism of influence for a viral activation

On January 20, 2017, all journalists engaged in this new adventure by posting a scripted video on their personal account at regular, predetermined intervals. In less than 2 hours, the term “Explicite” became a “trending topic” in France and generated more than 7000 tweets, and more than one million impressions in one day. At 2pm, the press conference was live broadcasted on Twitter and Facebook. By the end of the day, the Twitter and Facebook accounts respectively reached 40k and 30k subscribers.

A committed and united community

A large crowdfunding campaign was launched to support independent sources of information on social networks. Via the hashtag #JeSoutiensExplicite and the @ExplicitStory account, thousands of netizens started interacting with the associated journalists and expressed their support for the campaign. As a result, the project exceeded its target and raised 165,840€. It was the largest amount ever collected on the KissKissBankBank platform. The Explicite adventure is off to a good start.