Get to know the brand

Philadelphia and us, a beautiful story that’s been ongoing for many years.
Constant leader, Philadelphia communicates its authentic personality…
One ambition: reigniting the love of the Philadelphia brand by making it distinctive and meaningful in people’s everyday lives.



Be iconic,
Be bold

We’ve embarked on a pure and fresh journey through the delicious, flavourful and authentic texture of the product.

Our work has consisted in dissociating between the brand – impact, visibility, iconicity – and the brand world – indulgent, purity, authenticity and truth.

An iconic brand world

We created brand assets that can live beyond the packaging: POS, website, poster…

Inspired by the specific oblong shape of the product, we developed an iconic brand with a powerful design system.

This proprietary shape is applied holistically, which drives consistency and uniqueness.

Many products and yet one big family!

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have made this happen! This is a tremendous team effort in record times! Valérie Thill Marketing Director
Philadelphia MEU
Looks amazing, award winning, market leading!! Great work team!! James Norris European Design Operations Manager & Global Design to Print Lead
Mondelēz International