Injecting new life
into Spinnup for
future growth


A leading platform

Spinnup was created in Universal Music’s Stockholm office in 2013 as a start-up brand within Universal Music Group. It provides a distribution service for artists to get their music onto the world’s biggest listening platforms, like Apple Music and Spotify. Artists can sign up to Spinnup for free, paying a small fee per release, remaining in complete control of their music at all times. The service offers daily streaming, sales, downloads and social stats to give artists insight into their success and collects and pays them back 100% of the money their music earns.

Despite this unique offering, the brand’s messaging was not clear or cutting through. At an important moment for growing its platform, Spinnup needed to engage the growing pool of independent artists who are serious about getting their music heard and going as far as they can. It needed credibility and relevance for multiple genres of artists, as well as translation to international markets.

Distribution, discovery, development

We sought to supercharge the Spinnup brand, marking it out as a unique leader within the distribution space, not only enabling distribution and discovery, but also aiding artists’ personal development. We also ensured a clearer link to Universal Music and its labels, and created a more energetic, interactive visual identity.

A unique responsive identity

The Spinnup logo and identity reacts and adapts to the sounds of Spinnup artists’ music, using a smart coding system developed by our creative and digital teams with our developer partners. The homepage contains a showcase playlist of artists handpicked by the Spinnup team.

Beyond this, the new identity system adds vibrant colour and energy, giving room for simple, clearer communication and content to shine: an identity that’s as creative and as diverse as its artists, with a more conversational, human character.


The brand launched in July 2018 and is set to become a key player in Universal Music Group’s portfolio with increased uptake and global growth.