Hexonic. The Past and the future

Hexonic is a polish producer of heat exchangers with an established position on the polish market for over 30 years and just a little shorter on the international market. It is large enough to carry out industrial-scale projects and invest in new technologies, yet small enough to respond to the client’s needs in a personal way and set increasingly ambitious goals for itself.


Its previous name, Secespol, was limiting the brand’s development and expansion on the international market. Therefore, it became clear that a new name and identity is crucial to fully reflect the brand’s DNA – its creativity, ambition, and partnership attitude.

how the new story begins

After the brand changed its name, we were entrusted with the key task of developing its new visual identity. Within the heat-exchange market, the red-blue colour-scheme dominates as it has for a long time been linked with the extreme temperature amplitudes. Be that as it may, we convinced the client to bet on a new colour-scheme and connect the brand’s visual identity with the key aspect of the industry – technological solutions.

Orange is the new red-blue

The orange colour, while eye-catching, is strongly associated with the theme of temperature. It serves as a prominent accent that stands out against a black, white, or grey background. In addition, we focused on the shape of a hexagon which, while reflecting the new name of the brand, was the inspiration behind all graphic signs used in the logo and the visual identity.

Every detail matters

Meeting the client's expectations that the system will be straight-forward in use, we worked out modular solutions which can easily be scaled, multiplied, and translated into all carriers and formats. Once again, the inspiration behind the solutions used was the hexagon shape as well as the repeatability of forms in the products’ construction. The products we put in the centre of communication are in the form of extremely aesthetic renderings. They prove that both the know-how of Hexonic, as well as its effort to provide top-shelf solutions are legitimate. Hexonic products are a significant strength, which is why we knew they needed to be presented with the same level of quality as the consumer electronics in the B2C communication.


The power, stability and attention to detail, as well as large flexibility and innovation – this was the Hexonic’s message we wanted to convey. However, this was not our sole accomplishment – we achieved a lot more. Attributed to its new, conspicuous and brave visual identity, Hexonic gained the reputation of a first-league worldwide player.

"We aim for our new name, Hexonic, to be so recognizable that it will be the first to come to mind for those in need of support related to heat exchange. The name Hexonic relates to the primary goal of our efforts (within the industry HEX means heat exchanger), our innovative attitude (innovation) and our international character (InterContinental).

The change brought about by rebranding affects practically all the areas of the company and proves our desire to continue to improve in the field. Among many changes we made, we decided to continue our approach towards our clients’ needs which is crucial for them. We keep doing everything in our power for them to feel that we will always be there for them, therefore, actively meeting their expectations has remained in our DNA and is still our distinguishing feature. During the official premiere of our new brand at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas as well as during meetings with clients all around the world we received many positive reactions to this change. These voices along with the internal support of everyone who attributed the widely understood process of rebranding proved to us that this well-designed change was absolutely necessary." Arkadiusz Bruliński Marketing & Communication Manager, Hexonic